when nothing satisfies.

Today is one of those days. You know, the one where you wake up and hear the rain outside of your window and instantly wish you could just stay in bed.

Everything I have turned my thoughts toward today has been hard. I’ve found myself moving back through some things I thought I had already maneuvered past, I’ve cried to lyrics that have made their home in my heart again, and I just made another cup of lemon zinger tea, thinking that holding something hot in my favorite yellow mug might just comfort me for a little while longer.

You need hard days. You need those hard feelings to help you remember that you need days like this to be able to enjoy the days that aren’t like this. And thank goodness that there are so many days that aren’t like this.

Days like this — they’re tough. But there’s beauty in the breakdown, and today, I’ve been broken and beaten down with what seems like every single breath. But, there’s light, and it’s shining it’s way into those cracks and crevices that have made themselves known to me today in such an unexpected, but incredibly welcomed way.

when nothing satisfies you, hold my hand.