some days are diamonds.


Some days are diamonds, some days are stone.
Some times the hard times won’t leave me alone.
Some times th
e cold winds blow a chill in my bones.
Some days are diamonds, some days are stone.

(“Some Days are Diamonds” – John Denver, but the Amos Lee version of this song is my favorite)

Some days truly are diamonds. You know its a good day when you can feel the smile on your face, or when someone suggests Sonic Happy Hour at 3pm, or lunch with a good friend, or when you finally fall into your bed and can assuredly feel at peace because you gave it all you had.  That was my yesterday, and it was a good one. Bright and sparkly.

I haven’t had a stone kind of day in a little while, and I’d call that a victory if I’ve ever had one. There was a season in life here recently where more days were stones than diamonds, and I’ve found myself in a different kind of groove now. It’s so incredibly refreshing.

So here’s to our diamond days. May we continue to find diamonds in everyday, even the ones that end up being stone.