stories to tell and reasons to sing.

This space is always blank. I log in, and the page loads, and it’s always blank. Big white and blank.

and I struggle with how to fill it. Every. Single. Time.

I think I’m scared of words. Okay, maybe scared isn’t the right word. Maybe it’s intimidated.

And maybe think isn’t the right word either. Maybe it’s know.

I know I’m intimidated by words.

Others write. They sit in big windowed coffee shops where the light off the street is pouring in so glowingly and they sip their lattes with the pretty heart designs on the top of the mugs that are the right weight (because let’s be honest, a light mug isn’t a mug I want holding my frothy hearted latte…) and they write. They compose. They create. They orchestrate and paint pictures and make people feel a certain way with how they’ve woven together a tapestry of a story, and I’m moved by all of them. I read blogs and stalk Instagram and see the facets of the lives of these people and I’m in awe of their creativity and their ability to take a blank space and fill it. With words.

And here I am, in my bedroom with clothes on the floor and frames that need new pictures in them and the only thing I can think about tonight is how I that I’m incredibly intimidated by words. My words. Your words. All words.

Hey crazy girl, It isn’t about sitting in the right coffee shop, with the right flavored latte and the right mug and the right light pouring into the window. It isn’t about those who define themselves as writers. You don’t have to be a writer to write. You have to be a human… with feelings… and a story to tell and a reason to sing. Both of those which you have… stories to tell and reasons to sing.

So don’t get frustrated when this page loads and it’s blank. Don’t be intimidated by the words of others, or of your own. Others share bits and pieces of themselves through their words so that you can learn from them. So that you can be encouraged to find your own voice because they were bold enough to find theirs. It takes strength to say something.To say anything. So say it. Speak it out. Write it down. Get it out of you. No matter what strings are holding you back. No matter how white this page looks. Fill it up. Do it.

Be bold. Stop holding back what you need to say. Yes, need is the right word. It’s been the right word and the right feeling for a while now. Life’s happening, and I need to use my words. Mine.

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