{fall. into. me.}

It’s been a great Fall so far. It was a beautiful drive up to Bluefield and back a few weeks ago, it’s been nice to walk to my car in the mornings and notice a chill in the air, and let’s be honest, watching Football again has been such a joy. I love this time of year.

I’m looking forward to…

eating / chili, stuffing, pumpkin pie
drinking / anything chai, warm apple cider, pumpkin beers.
practicing / patience, thankfulness and gratitude.
mastering / boundaries, a better work flow.
learning / to keep my eyes open to all of the beauty around me… in nature and in people.
playing / on a mountainside, picking apples and taking in the view.
finishing / (and starting) some projects in my home.
reading / more of the 5 books that are currently residing on my nightstand.
walking / and crunching leaves under my shoes.
wearing / cozy and comforting clothes. long sleeve tshirts. my favorite hoodie.
cooking / something new… i really wanna bake a pie from scratch.
working / on loving others well.
traveling / to Hilton Head with the Mitchell’s for thanksgiving. we haven’t traveled together in a long time, and i’m excited.
wanting / to spend more time with people i love. to take more pictures. to make more memories. to create more.


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