not just any mountain.

i drove my car up a mountain last weekend and it felt like home, because it was just that at one point.

and to clarify, it’s not just any mountain. they’re my mountains.

i gallivanted around town and soaked in the beauty of old memories, good times, and incredible relationships.

i laughed with some great friends, and the thought of it even now makes my heart smile.

i got to spend sometime with my heart, and the lyrics that serenaded it will always replay in my mind.

i shared a special moment with a person who means a lot to me, and the way the light poured into the windows of my car in the dead of night was incredibly comforting, and that was exactly what i needed.

i drove my car back down that mountain, and it’s always leaving that stirs up so many emotions in me.

really good ones, and really hard ones.

i really do love that town in my mountains, and the place that it takes me whenever i’m there, and whenever i leave.

thank goodness it’s always a part of me, no matter what, and no matter where i am.


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