{fall. into. me.}

It’s been a great Fall so far. It was a beautiful drive up to Bluefield and back a few weeks ago, it’s been nice to walk to my car in the mornings and notice a chill in the air, and let’s be honest, watching Football again has been such a joy. I love this time of year.

I’m looking forward to…

eating / chili, stuffing, pumpkin pie
drinking / anything chai, warm apple cider, pumpkin beers.
practicing / patience, thankfulness and gratitude.
mastering / boundaries, a better work flow.
learning / to keep my eyes open to all of the beauty around me… in nature and in people.
playing / on a mountainside, picking apples and taking in the view.
finishing / (and starting) some projects in my home.
reading / more of the 5 books that are currently residing on my nightstand.
walking / and crunching leaves under my shoes.
wearing / cozy and comforting clothes. long sleeve tshirts. my favorite hoodie.
cooking / something new… i really wanna bake a pie from scratch.
working / on loving others well.
traveling / to Hilton Head with the Mitchell’s for thanksgiving. we haven’t traveled together in a long time, and i’m excited.
wanting / to spend more time with people i love. to take more pictures. to make more memories. to create more.


not just any mountain.

i drove my car up a mountain last weekend and it felt like home, because it was just that at one point.

and to clarify, it’s not just any mountain. they’re my mountains.

i gallivanted around town and soaked in the beauty of old memories, good times, and incredible relationships.

i laughed with some great friends, and the thought of it even now makes my heart smile.

i got to spend sometime with my heart, and the lyrics that serenaded it will always replay in my mind.

i shared a special moment with a person who means a lot to me, and the way the light poured into the windows of my car in the dead of night was incredibly comforting, and that was exactly what i needed.

i drove my car back down that mountain, and it’s always leaving that stirs up so many emotions in me.

really good ones, and really hard ones.

i really do love that town in my mountains, and the place that it takes me whenever i’m there, and whenever i leave.

thank goodness it’s always a part of me, no matter what, and no matter where i am.

to a revelry. {a love story of two of the best people i will ever know.}

I witnessed the most beautiful thing recently. It was a Saturday afternoon in September, overlooking a river that runs through our beloved hometown, where two people promised forever and meant it. It was a day that we’d all been talking about for a long time, and it turned out better than I ever could have dreamed or imagined. The words that these two wrote and recited had everyone’s hearts enamored and assured that this was real, and 100% from the Lord. They lit candles and held hands and looked incredible. They finally shared the same last name and their hearts finally beat as one in front of so many friends and family who’s love for them poured out in the smiles on their faces and the streams of tears running down their cheeks. We walked down a tree lined path to a revelry, a celebration of this union that lasted well into the night. One of the most vivid memories I have from this night was taking a moment to stop in the middle of a conversation, looking to my right and seeing that newly married couple, walk down that same tree lined path that we’d all just traveled down… just the two of them, fingers intertwined, and looking at one another, so in love and so in tune to all that had just taken place in their lives. This was the start of something beautiful. We ate and drank and danced and smiled and rest assured that this couple is truly united forever. It was magical, captivating, exciting and such a blessing to be a part of. The spectacle often plays back in my mind, like an old movie reel, calling you back to those scenes and to that place, that exact place on that hill overlooking the banks of the river where the most beautiful picture of love was painted. There was so much joy in that day, and redemption, and satisfaction knowing that God’s promises are true, and He is the author of transforming stories that take not only your breath away, but every ounce of doubt right along with it. Yes, I’d been to many other weddings before, but none as poetic and emotional and truly honoring to the love of our Lord who is so good and so sweet to bring us moments like this to remind us who He really is. He is love, and He is so good.

So here’s to Sarah and Andy. Thank you for seeking after our Father to find one another. It is only by His hand that the story of your lives can be written in the way that it is today, so in love with each other and in love with a God who is the writer of all beautiful love stories. Your lives are so special to me, and I am so blessed to have walked quite a long way in life with each of you separately, and I can’t wait for that journey to continue with the both of you, together. Forever.

I love you both so much. Always have, always will.