overwhelmingly beautiful.

there’s a song that wrecks me every time it’s melody finds its way into my ears.

who am i kidding? there are LOTS of songs that leave me with tears streaming down my face, with a heart that sometimes has more questions than answers, and a mind that wanders down paths of what could have been, or what might never be, or hope for the future.

sometimes its thoughts about love. sometimes those choruses take me right back to a moment in time where i felt something i never wanted to forget, and the goodness that comes with being able to breathe in that moment is so overwhelmingly beautiful, that i can’t help but be overcome with emotion.

i listened to one of those songs that used to do all of those things to me. but today, it was different. it was raining outside, and it was dark in my office and the candle was lit on my desk and every aspect of the environment around me should have triggered the tears to flow down my face.

but they never came.

part of me wonders if its because my heart has from moved on from places that it used to dwell. part of me wonders if it was because i’ve heard the words, and have felt the feelings so many times that i just don’t react to it in the same way that i used to.

i think its because my heart has moved.

and i’m glad i’m not dwelling in places that aren’t necessarily meant to hold my heart.

or at least i wasn’t today.

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