faintly strumming.

the steam from my coffee cup rises and fades quickly into the cold, dark room. faintly, i hear the strumming of a guitar behind me and the yellow on my sweater is a bright light in this otherwise dreary morning. a candle flickers beside me as my fingers dance across the lettered keys in front of me and even though i have a headache, my heart is full and happy.

these are the days of my life, and sometimes they take forever to pass and sometimes they fly by way too fast. i’m thankful for the ins and outs and ups and downs and for all that this crazy life brings. and even in the days where i wish i had a door to close when i’m working, i’m thankful for headphones and for a beautiful melody that plays in my ears and serenades my heart.

what would we sing for if it wasn’t for His grace? could i feel the smile on my face if i didn’t know the reason behind it being there?

we are crushed and created, we are melted and made,
we are broken and built up in the very same way.
what i thought i could handle, what i thought i could take,
what i thought i would destroy me,
leaves me stronger in its wake.