sometimes i can’t believe this life is mine.

i just finished making a cup of coffee at 5:15 pm for someone in a meeting in our office trailer of sorts. i walked into that meeting barefoot to deliver that cup of coffee. and it didn’t matter.

my ikea desk, that i got to pick out, already has file folders, to-do lists, and tasks that i’m responsible for. and it feels like home. because it is.

the shadows that are casting themselves on the walls of this room are reminders that the sun always sets. its sets on the good days, and the bad. it sets on the days that aren’t long enough, and that are too long at the same time. chapters close and new ones begin. sunrise and sunset.

and this is right where i belong. in this chair, at this desk, in this building, at this place, at this time.

sometimes i can’t believe this life is mine.