simplicity in green.

i forgot where i parked my car the other day as i was leaving the office to run an errand. i walked out of the front door of the office, looked around for it, and obviously never found it because it was parked around the other side of the building. i could have gone back into the building and walked down a flight of stairs, down a hallway, and out another door to get to that parking lot, but instead, i went off the beaten path.

…in the grass.

i had sandals on, and the grass was longer than usual on this particular day, so i could feel it tickling the bottom of my feet.

it was cold. its was damp. it was green. it was comforting.

that was something i hadn’t felt in a long time.

it’s something so simple, and i don’t always recognize it when it happens.

in that moment, i forgot about the insanity that i was leaving behind in the office. i forgot about the stresses of my job, and how i don’t even have time to finish unpacking the house that i’ve lived in since july, because i’m always busy doing SOMETHING.

but right then and there, in a patch of grass between 2 parking lots, i felt it.

i didn’t just feel the grass tickling my feet…

i felt love.

a simple, green reminder that i need to stop every once in a while, and breathe.

and find the love.

it’s simple.

and sometimes, it’s green.

and sometimes, while it may be unexpected,

it’s always there.


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