just love me.

A. age :: twenty.five.

B. bed size :: full. it’s fine for now…

C. chore you hate :: putting away clean clothes.

D. dogs :: i don’t have one right now… and that’s fine with me… life’s too busy for that right now.

E. essential start to your day :: quickmix on pandora while straightening my hair.

F. favorite color :: orange.

G. gold or silver :: SILVER.

H. height :: five.seven.

I. instruments you play :: none. but i want to learn guitar… teach me?

J. job title :: administrative support – development – university of richmond.

K. kids :: none yet. hopefully they’re in the future, though 🙂

L. live :: R.I.C.H.M.O.N.D!

M. maiden name :: mitchell 🙂

N. nicknames :: oh lord… Jenn, JMitch (said Jay-Mitch and Juh-Mitch… take your pick…), Jennafin, Jeffiner, Precious JEM… I’m sure there are many more that I’m missing…

O. overnight hospital stays :: when I was born, and when I stepped on a nail in 4th grade… I was in this hospital for 4 days.

P. pet peeve :: when people don’t use their turn signals.

Q. quote :: “it’s a living book, this life;
it folds out in a million settings,
cast with a billion beautiful characters…
and so my hope is that your story will have involved
some leaving and some coming home,
some summer and some winter,
some roses blooming out like children in a play.
my hope is your story will be about changing,
about getting something beautiful born inside of you,
about learning to love about moving yourself around water,
around mountains, around friends,
about learning to love others more than we love ourselves.
we get one story, you and i, and one story alone.
it would be a crime not to venture out, wouldn’t it?”
– Donald Miller

R. righty or lefty :: righty!

S. siblings :: one sister… melissa carole.

T. time you wake up :: it depends… usually 6:45.

U. university attended :: Bluefield COLLEGE.

V. vegetables you dislike: onions.
W. what makes you run late :: life.

X. x-rays you’ve had :: oh lord… i’ve had a million. my wrist, my ankle, my jaw, my finger…

Y. yummy food :: mom’s carbonara pasta, Chicken Tikka Masala, SweetFrog, and anything Lebanese… 🙂

Z. zoo animal favorite :: Z E B R A S.

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