a moment.

you can’t see the street sign from the main thoroughfare of the neighborhood, because tree branches have grown to cover it. i can’t even tell you how many phone calls i’ve received saying “i have no idea where your street is”.

i might miss that.

a tri-level house with red shutters, some over grown grass, and a whole lot of character is where i have called home for the past 2 years.

it’s been a lot of things to me.

it’s been a place of growth. a place of learning. a place of frustration and a place that i’ve loved. but it’s about that time, and i’m ready.

really really ready.

i had a moment last night in this house that i’ve called home. i went grocery shopping and came home to an empty house. i put the groceries away, turned the oven on to preheat and i just took a look around. it’s starting to look so empty. so different from the first time we saw it.

i’ll never forget that day. we walked in, and we felt it. this was where we were going to live. granted, we were only renting, but it became ours. we made it ours.

and now, 2 years later. we’re leaving. we’re moving out. and we’re all different.

3 girls. changed. because of a house?

we’re not the people we used to be, in many different senses. our lives have taken us to 3 very different places.

and as i pack my things that have adorned walls, and shelves, and floors, and windows, i think back to all the times we shared. all of the laughter. and tears. and good times.

all because of a house?

this place will always mean something to me. it will always be the first place that i lived when i moved out of my parents house. it will always be a place that no matter what, i will look back and remember fondly.

i won’t care about the issues we had. i won’t care about the not talking to each other, and the stressful times. in time, those things won’t matter.

what will matter, is that i will miss having a hardwood floor in my bedroom, even though i complained about it often.

i will miss having the “misc. room”, and a place to dump all of the random crap that didn’t have a home elsewhere.

i will miss having a big backyard, with a porch, and a weird picnic table that had many different umbrellas in it during it’s tenure.

i will miss watching Big Brother and Jersey Shore and Real Housewives of New Jersey with my roommates.

i will miss showering with an open window.

i will miss the “pow wows” in the hallway of our bedrooms, and yelling through the walls on saturday mornings when we were trying to figure out where to go eat breakfast.

i will miss hearing an alarm go off at 7:52am when everyone is already awake.

there are a lot of things that i will miss when i leave the chum for good. and there are a lot of things that i won’t miss at all. but through it all, it was a great house. and it was a great 2 years.

thank god i know where it is without having to read the street sign…

because that means, i can drive by and reminisce anytime i want.

so thankful for a moment.

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