empty me. #mealswithhope

Holy Fire, Burn away,
my desire for anything,
that is not of You,
and is of me,
I want more of you,
and less of me.

Empty me. Empty me.
and fill, won’t you fill me,
with You, with You.


so i didn’t really know how to go about writing this post until i heard this song. it’s funny how music really has a way of speaking directly to my heart. and i love jeremy camp…

this week, i’ve been eating rice and beans for every meal… and plain oatmeal for breakfast. my church (www.hopecentral.com) is currently in the middle of focusing our hearts on missions, through a sermon series called “The Tipping Point”. we’ve been challenged to eat as the world eats for 5 days. considering the quintessential food that everyone thinks about when they think about africa or other foreign countries, is rice and beans, that’s what we’ve been eating for 5 days. then, after the 5 days is over, we’ve been challenged to “give the gap”. the gap is the difference between what we normally would have spent on our week’s worth of groceries, or going out to lunch/dinner, and what we actually spent on our rice and beans. our gap will be going to an organization called “Feed My Starving Children”, and we will be giving our gap’s this Sunday at church. we’ve had our own twitter hashtag (#mealswithhope) this week, and it’s been pretty awesome to see people’s encouraging words and pictures of their meals. if you want to read more about our challenge, you can do so here:



so it’s safe to say that i’ve felt pretty empty this week. it’s been so humbling to eat just rice and beans and oatmeal for 5 days. i didn’t think it would effect me as emotionally as it has. i have so much in life. i have food whenever i want it, running water, clothes on my back and shoes on my feet, yet i still complained about being hungry this week? it breaks my heart to know that there are 983,000,000 people in this world who live their lives hungry, and they don’t know when their next meal is going to come, yet i can drive down the street at any given time and see 20-some eateries at any given strip mall here in america.

i’ve never been to kenya, or burkina faso, or malawi… but i’ve experienced a small glimpse of their hunger this week. and i’m moved. i’m blown away at what we have that so many others dont… and still, we always want more.

but this week, i’ve been emptied. my eyes have been opened and my heart has been refilled. and i’ll be giving my gap on sunday, and that gap that stands between what we have, and what they don’t have will become slightly smaller because of a church who cared enough to take a 5 day challenge.

i’m blown away. i am changed.

i am HOPE.

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