give me your eyes.

i was complaining to a friend earlier today about how expensive my contacts are. it would be so nice to be able to wake up in the morning and be able to see without having to put something that costs that much  in my eyeballs, although, lets be completely honest, i sleep in my contacts more often than not. (carole, if you’re reading this, i apologize!)

i then remembered the lyrics to a song, because again, lets be honest, music runs my life most days.

give me your eyes for just one second
give me your eyes so I can see
everything that I keep missing
give me your love for humanity
give me your arms for the broken hearted
the ones that are far beyond my reach
give me you heart for the ones forgotten
give me your eyes so I can see…

even though my eyes aren’t perfect, and i often have to stick my fingers in my eyes and rub them around to see, i’m praying for a different set of eyes. a new set of eyes.

a pair of eyes that will help me see into people’s hearts.

a pair of eyes that will allow me to change the things that i can.

a pair of eyes that are not my own.

because i really am missing so much, because i’ve been looking at everything through the wrong pair of eyes.

“so maybe this time
i’ll speak the words of life
with Your fire in my eyes
but that old familiar fear
is tearin’ at my words
what am I so afraid of?
’cause here I go again…” – casting crowns

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