five minute friday. {on distance…}

It’s Friday! 🙂 I’m not sure what this weekend holds, but I’m excited that it’s a weekend! It hasn’t been a crazy insane week, but it’s been enough of one where I’m excited to have 2 days away from work!
So here goes my 5 minutes…


It was the summer of 2002, and we ventured around the world, to a place that was much different from where we came. The children wore the same clothes everyday, hardly any of them had shoes on their feet, but they all carried so much love in their eyes and in their hearts.

We ventured around the world, and we found ourselves. We were the teachers, but in the end, they taught us so much more.

We ventured around the world, and travelled a great distance, but in actuality, it wasn’t a great distance at all. Our hearts were so close. We bonded.

We ventured around the world, and ate foods we’d never tried before, heard a language we’d never heard before, and found a love that we’d never felt before. For our team, for those children, for an entire town that welcomed us in like their own.

We ventured around the world, and I left a piece of my heart with those children. I know they probably don’t remember me, but I will always remember them. No distance is too far when hearts are connected. and lives have been changed.


I will always miss Slovakia. I will always miss the children in Lunik 9, and I will always want to go back there and take way too many pictures. Always…

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