greater things are yet to come.

i’m in the middle of making a big decision.

okay, well… it’s probably not that big in the grand scheme of things, but when you’re someone like me, and you don’t make decisions very well at all, it can absolutely define itself as a big decision.

i don’t always like to do things by myself. i’ve never eaten at a restaurant by myself. i’ve never been to the movies by myself. i don’t necessarily have a fear of being alone, but i enjoy spending time with other people, and surrounding myself with people who make me laugh, and who make me smile, and who help me to see the good in the world and in other people.

but this adventure, this next step, is something i’m doing for me.

it’s something i’m doing by myself.

and i have mixed emotions about it.

and i’ve weighed out the pros and cons.

and the pros outweigh the cons big time.

and i think i’m going to take the plunge.

and say yes.

and do this.

because i can.

and i’m excited.

and i’m ready.

because greater things are yet to come…

i believe it.

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