today has been a beautiful day.

woke up this morning, drove to sycamore square and sat in a gazebo with 4 friends that i love dearly. ate a slice of delicious breakfast pizza from ukrop’s, because i refuse to call it martin’s. came home and hung a birthday present on the wall in my bedroom from a girl who’s friendship to me is incredibly beautiful. fell asleep watching grey’s anatomy in my bed, because i haven’t taken a saturday afternoon nap in i can’t even tell you how long. texted with a good friend who always has this amazing way of putting a smile on my face. and now, i’m getting ready to take a long shower (because i can) and throw on something comfy to go meet my parents for dinner and wherever else the night leads me.

its days like this, where i can just stop, and relax, that i find so incredibly comforting. it doesn’t happen all that often, but when it does, it’s needed. it’s beautiful… even if the weather outside is gray and dreary. even if i didn’t cross everything off of my to-do list.

i paused, and i took a breath.

and it’s been beautiful.

One thought on “today has been a beautiful day.

  1. i’m so happy that you were able to truly set aside some time for yourself. it’s needed every now and then and i’m glad you were able to put your ‘to-do’ list aside and take a time out from life. how beautiful. ❤

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