lost and found.

so it’s been a while… and i know this, because some of you have reminded me. there’s just been a lot going on in life here lately, and not that i’ve been too busy to write, but i just feel like i don’t always know what to write about. and today, i decided that i don’t have to write about anything, i should just write.

so, i turned 25 last week… after spending the night in an airport all alone and having the team i coach place 8th at nationals… their best¬†placement EVER. what an awesome feeling… to know that i helped contribute to some of that. my heart and my head are kind of not in the same place when it comes to coaching and to synchro, but i’m hoping i can get it all worked out.

i’m excited about this year. for a while, i was scared of turning a quarter of a century old. the thought of being half way to 50, or 5 years away from 30 weren’t always the most satisfying, but life’s too short to be scared of a stupid number. this year holds something big… i don’t know what it is, i don’t need to know what it is… but something big is going to happen… and i’m ready. bring it on, life.

my hair is short again. it’s cute, i like it. it’s growing on me. something different.

we’re starting a reunion group this weekend with some ladies that i teamed on the last chrysalis flight with. they are all women that i value in my life, and i’m excited to see what God’s going to do through this group. i’m not anticipating anything, i’m just ready!

i am so thankful for the people who i call friends, and who live up to that tag. there are some people in this world who will walk all over you and knock you down and treat you like crap, but they don’t even hold a candle to those people who take the time to care about you, and love you, and encourage you to be better. i am learning that i have some of both people in my life right now, and enough is enough. moving on from those who are hurtful, not helpful.

i miss bluefield.

go after a life of love as if your life depended on it, because it does.

overuse i love you, but when you use it, mean it. i might say those words a lot, but i mean them. there is so much to love about this life… why focus on the bad or the people who bring you down? focus on those who you love and who love you. like i said before, i’m learning how to do this with some people in my life, and it turns out, that i don’t need them because they don’t need me.

so tonight, i’m going to watch the spiders game, cross my fingers, cheer loud and pray that they win. and i’ll look around the room (wherever we are…) and i’ll be thankful for the people that are there with me, because they’ve taught me more than they’ll ever know about how genuine people can be, and how real love can be shared between friends.


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