if i could, then i would…

if i could, then i would pack a bag, board a plane, and fly to Fiji.

i can tell you exactly when my fascination with Fiji started. it started the first time i saw the movie “The Truman Show”. The woman that Truman fell in love with (her name totally escapes me, and i don’t feel like opening another google tab to search for it, so we’ll just let it go) told him that she couldn’t be with him, because she was moving to Fiji. Ever since then, it’s always been a place that I’ve wanted to see with my own eyes, smell with my own nose, and experience with my own life.

the water is so blue. the palm trees (which are one of my most favorite things) are gigantic. the mindset that i have when i think about this place is one of relaxation, excitement, achievement.

one day, i will go to fiji. i don’t know when, and i don’t know for how long, but one day, i will go. it’s dreams like this one that make life interesting. it’s the chase of something so beautiful that makes the insanity worthwhile. and when i get there, i will remember all of the times that i googled pictures, and talked about “one day”. except then, i won’t have to just think about it anymore, it will have become reality.

until then…

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