Day 17 – An Art Piece

Dawson’s Creek. I love it. I think it was the first TV show I ever fell in love with. I was fairly young when it started on TV, but still, even in my much older and wiser days, I can really respect the story lines and am still in love with the whole Pacey – Joey – Dawson love triangle… or whatever you want to call it.

Anyways, in one episode, Joey is trying to organize a protest for something going on at the school. She’d been painting at one point, but it all kind of stopped when her life became crazy. (I can TOTALLY¬†relate!) Pacey sees all that Joey’s going through, and finds a way to help her find her passion again.

He rented her a wall.

In the middle of Capeside, he paid money to a business owner who had a vacant unpainted wall that faced an open field so that Joey could find her passion again on a grander scale.

He painted “Ask Me To Stay” on the wall.

It’s not a piece of art, per say… but it’s a piece of art to me.

The story behind Joey and Pacey’s rollercoaster relationship is one you can hang on to. She loves him. He loves her. And he wants her to ask him to stay. He could have painted an elaborate beach scene, or some awesome view of the stars in the sky. But instead, he poured his heart out onto a wall, for all to see… to convey what he really wanted in life.

I want a wall.

3 thoughts on “Day 17 – An Art Piece

  1. I thought Pacey painted the “Ask me to stay” on the wall. It’s been a long time since I watched the show. I kind of miss it. I used to skip classes senior year at BC when TBS was showing 4 episodes in a row. And I’ve gotta ask… Do you think Joey made the right choice in the finale?

  2. You’re right… I’m an idiot. I had it right in my head, but it didn’t translate correctly to the blog. Welcome to my life.

    I do think Joey made the right choice. I truly believe she would have been happy either way with Pacey or Dawson. You don’t always get to marry your best friend. It doesn’t always work out with the one who you think it should. I love that last scene… where Joey and Pacey are on the couch and they’re watching Dawson’s show, and then they call him to congratulate him on the premiere. So cool. What do you think?

    • I agree that she made the right choice. But I don’t think she’d have been happy either way. I really don’t think she’d have been happy with Dawson. I just think about the ups and downs of that relationship, and how there were a lot more downs. And Dawson, as a character, was just really annoying. I mean, whiny and self-absorbed… I just didn’t think they were a good match. I could just be looking back through “I’m glad she picked Pacey” goggles. Like I said, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen any of it.

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